We make films and shoot imagery outdoors. Using our team of experienced and flexible staff, we deploy across the UK to events, for independent film makers, production houses and TV. We take commissions to film for your production and we even make our own.

Our equipment it state of the art. We have cameras that film in 4k ultra high resolution and slow motion. We have drones (and the licenses and permits to fly them). We have a state of the art editing suite and partner with some amazing freelancers to give you the best bespoke production you need.

Adventure is in our blood. We love being outdoors - we do work inside too but we love the mountains! Over the last few years we’ve worked out how to operate drones and cameras in the harshest environments so you don’t have too. We have the kit, the luggage and the vehicles to take us pretty much anywhere in the UK, and we’ve probably been there already.

We have special permissions (an OSC) to allow us to fly our drones closer than most operators can do.

We are the UK Pilot Team for DJI. It’s a pretty cool gig and takes us to some really awesome events. If you see us, come and say hi – just let us land the drones first!