Drone Filming: Eastwood Media are providers of Aerial Imagery based in North Wales.

Drone Filming

BTS Imagery of drone filming

Aerial Imagery For Ferrari In Italy

Drone filming of cars is a very specialist area of aerial imagery collection and few UK based drone filming companies are able to operate in Italy, Spain or Austria.

For this car advert shoot we at Eastwood Media were brought in to work with Lec Park Aerial for our drone filming expertise, close association with motor sports and Italian critical ops licenses.

We travelled from North Wales to Sicily for a three day shoot with a mountain of peli cases full of Drone Filming equipment. We spent a week filming two adverts on Sicily for Ferrari in extreme heat and requiring the use of some advanced filming techniques.

The adverts were for the release of two new cars; the F8 Spider and the 812 GTS, you can watch them from the windows below.

Eastwood Media have licences to operate drones in Italy, Spain, Austria and the UK. We have a long association with filming cars and motorsport and are always pleased to be relied upon for drone filming for high profile projects like this.

After a demanding shoot like this we head back to North Wales to service the drone filming equipment and review the aerial imagery we have collected.