Drone Filming, Aerial Imagery, North Wales, Licenses & Special Exemptions.

Licenses &

Enhanced Permissions

Eastwood Media are drone filming experts with many years of experience as a commercial operator. We have collected all manner of aerial imagery from sweeping cinematic shots to live sporting events to 3D mapping and data collection and everything in-between. We have held a Permission For Commercial Operations with the Civil Aviation Authority since 2015 and have striven to improve our operating scope through obtaining licenses to fly drones in other countries and obtaining enhanced permissions in the UK.


Operating Special Case

Eastwood Media have an Operating Special Case in place with the Civil Aviation Authority that allows our pilots to legally fly with reduced distances between our drones and people & property that is not under our control. We can fly drones in congested areas where other operators may not be able to.


Spanish Licenses

Eastwood Media are able to work in Spain. Two of our pilots have been licensed to commercially operate drones in Spain by the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA). We have frequently been required to travel for work in Spain and are very adept at managing the paperwork and legal side of operating there.


Italian Licenses

Eastwood Media are able to work in Italy. Two of our pilots have been licensed to commercially operate drones in Italy by the Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile, (ENAC). We have the Critical Operations level licenses that allow us to operate in most scenarios and are able to submit a request for an exemption for a non-standard scenario.


Austrian Permit

Eastwood Media are able to work in Austria. We have a permit that allows us to operate drones commercially in Austria issued by Austro Control GMBH. Our pilots are very familiar with Austria having spent a lot of time in the country and have a good understanding of the fairly unique terrain and demands of the country.