Drone Filming: Eastwood Media are providers of Aerial Imagery based in North Wales.

Drone Filming

BTS Imagery of drone filming

Aerial Imagery of MTB in Scotland

Drone filming in the wilds of Scotland can be demanding. The remoteness there can often mean long walks into the best locations with lots of heavy gear to carry, but it’s worth it for the stunning vistas.

For this MTB shoot we at Eastwood Media were brought in for our aerial imagery expertise and close association with mountain biking.

We travelled from North Wales to Torridon for a three day shoot with a truck full of Drone Filming equipment. Day one was wet, windy as we hiked up our first mountain. The aerial imagery was very moody but the weather cleared up in the evening for an amazing sunset near the loch. Day two saw equally challenging weather whilst the forecast for day three was looking even worse. We realised we’d have to finish filming a day short and so had no choice but climb a mountain with all the gear in the wind and rain and hope we could get the rest of the drone filming done. luckily the elements abated and we could get the desired aerial imagery.

We hiked out, packed our gear away and waved Scotland goodbye. Next stop, the office in North Wales to dry off the drones.