Drone Filming: Eastwood Media are providers of Aerial Imagery based in North Wales.

Drone Filming

BTS Imagery of drone filming

Aerial Imagery of Rali Bae Ceredigion

Drone filming cars and especially rally cars is our speciality at Eastwood Media.

For this rally shoot we at Eastwood Media were brought in to provide aerial imagery expertise due to our close association with drone filming cars.

We were providing aerial imagery of Rali Bae Ceredigion. A closed road tarmac stage rallying event near Aberystwyth. The rally took place during early September and we were blessed with some fantastic weather allowing for the capture of some great aerial imagery. With a wide range of vehicles entered we were able to drone film lots of fantastic action for the event video.

We at Eastwood Media look forward to providing drone filming services and aerial imagery Special Stage TV again in the future.