Drone Filming: Eastwood Media are providers of Aerial Imagery based in North Wales.

Drone Filming

BTS Imagery of drone filming

Aerial Imagery of Roborace in Spain

Drone filming of motor racing is very specialist and few UK based aerial imaging companies are able to operate in Spain, Italy or Austria.

For this motor circuit shoot we at Eastwood Media were brought in for our aerial imagery expertise, close association with motor sports and Spanish licenses.

We travelled from North Wales to Circuito Monteblanco for a three day shoot with a mountain of peli cases full of Drone Filming equipment. It was scorching. With no clouds and high temperatures, operating on a shadeless plane made this shoot particularly tricky. For three days we battled against overheating drone filming equipment to provide aerial imagery for Roborace season Alpha. This was a world first, the first autonomous car race. The sunny weather provided fantastic light for our aerial imagery and as a result weren't surprised to see so much of our drone filming in the final edit.

Exhausted and tanned we made our way back to North Wales with all of our aerial imagery equipment in tow.