Drone Filming: Eastwood Media are providers of Aerial Imagery based in North Wales.

Drone Filming For DJI

Eastwood Media have a strong relationship with DJI who are not only the global leader in consumer and professional drones but also the manufacturer of most of our drone filming equipment. DJI often need to fly their drones in the UK for events that they sponsor and events to showcase their products. In these instances DJI rely on Eastwood Media to act as pilots on their behalf.

This page sets out some of the instances we have worked directly for DJI.

Goodwood FOS

The first event in the UK that DJI sponsored was Goodwood Festival of Speed. Eastwood Media had already done a presentation on DJI’s behalf at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival and so were approached to pilot for DJI at Goodwood.

DJI Stories

DJI not only sponsor events but also generate their own content. Eastwood Media commissioned to make a short film for DJI about Lincolnshire Police saving lives using DJI equipment.

DJI Launch Events

When DJI bring out a new product they need to introduce it to the media, consumers and suppliers at a launch event. DJI bring Eastwood Media in to fly their drones at these events.