Welcome to Eastwood Media


We're a creative content media production company based in North Wales. We specialise in film and photography in the outdoors covering mountain biking, hiking, rafting, kayaking and all things adventurous.

We film with high end drones, cameras and gimbals to get you the best angle and lovely smooth shots. Our 4x4’s and team of experienced outdoor staff will get you footage and photos in the most remote areas.

We have CAA Permissions for Commercial Operation #1020, aviation insurance and experience in getting permissions to fly in some very sensitive and complicated locations. Our pilots have licenses to fly drones in Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Finland.

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We make films and shoot imagery outdoors. Using our team of experienced and flexible staff, we deploy across the UK to events, for independent film maker, production houses and TV.

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The team

The team is made up of Chris Davies, founder and owner of Eastwood Media. Jamie, who is our most experienced pilot and we have Conor. We also work with various Freelancers to tailor our projects. 

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