AIRDOG // Plastic Playground 2016

We've been overseeing and flying this really cool autonomous drone at the Plastic Playground event in London. Set on the lake at Liquid Leisure complex, a few kilometres from Heathrow airport we had full comms with Air Traffic Control and their permission to operate so close.

Here's what Airdog had to say:

"During Plastic Playground 2016 AirDog became the first autonomous drone to ever capture a live sporting event. A move that’s set to radically change the way action sports events are filmed.

Pro wakeboarders from all over the world wore AirLeash and their runs were filmed using AirDog’s Cable Wakeboard flight mode. With the dedicated flight mode users set a flight path with the multi-line feature, AirDog stays on this path and never deviates from it, resulting in amazing aerial footage no man or machine can get. Another upside to Airdog not flying off its set path is the safety ensured for spectators and athletes."

Watch the behind the scenes here: